About Happy Home

Happy Home is filled with vibrant joyful, loveable little flowers waiting to bloom and transform their small garden into a peaceful paradise for them and many others like them. They all need the emotional encouragement that comes from knowing someone cares.

Happy Home took shape in the year 2008 as a home for orphans, with just five abandoned street children. We gained recognition with a registration in 2009, and with 14 budding girls and five young underprivileged boys .

Happy Home has since that time proudly blossomed into a beautiful bouquet of thirty four well behaved humble young children. Slowly but steadily they have become a strong family, step by step. With the Lord as our saviour and the generosity of kind souls like yourselves, we have managed to provide a solid foundation for a firm structure.

Happy Home is located at Green Lands, Opposite the S. L.V. Servicing Centre, Airport Road, Anantapur District, Puttaparthi, Andhrapradesh India-515134.


Presently, we do not have adequate rooms for schooling and residential facilities. We send our children to different nearby schools. We also want to expose them to a variety of friends who come from different family backgrounds so that they can balance themselves. We inculcate human values in them from a very young age so that they become stable, noble, yet humble individuals earning a good name for themselves as well as contributing positively to society.


Childrens' Background

Most of our children are indigent street urchins who come from the lower economic section of society. and who have not had the privilege of any kind of home care or education. This means that even at the age of nine or ten, they have not been exposed to any formal education whatsoever. These children are hungry, neglected and frightened before they enter our home. .Their main focus for survival is food. We start preparing them to feel safe, secure, and happy by providing them with the security of a room guidance ,nutritious food and of course education.

Staff Members

Three Language tutors, help the children to learn Telugu, Hindi and English.
The gardeners beautify and maintain the serenity of the premises.
House keeping to keep the premises clean and the children’s clothes laundered.
Regular cooks prepare three meals per day for the children. Nourishing food is provided to keep the children healthy.
Two ladies are responsible for the care of the younger children.
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